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2020 – the Year of NO More Excuses!
Get out and Ride!

We are going to ride everywhere plus 2 more places!

Gold Wing Road Riders Association (GWRRA), Minnesota Chapter "O", is based in the North Metro area of Minneapolis and St. Paul.
We would like to invite you and your family to join us for some fun and motorcycle riding. The Chapter has its monthly Social on the 4th Thursday of each month, except for November and December. We have weekly Thursday night dinner rides (from April through the beginning of October, weather permitting) which depart from the standard ride point (except when we have our monthly social).
Check out our events page for all of the details on the rides and other events, including our Saturday breakfasts.
A link is available for GWRRA membership info or to join GWRRA on the Links page. After joining GWRRA, click the 'register' button on any page to create an account on this site.  Click here if you want instructions for registering for the MN-O website.

Have a question? Please contact the Chapter Directors Bill and Barb Taylor, or any other member listed on the Contact page.

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Recent Journal Articles

GWRRA Minnesota Chapter O Journal (December 2020)
Posted: 12/5/2020

December journal article

GWRRA Minnesota Chapter O Journal (November 2020)
Posted: 11/22/2020

The really late July journal article and the rather late November article.

GWRRA Minnesota Chapter O Journal (June 2020)
Posted: 6/1/2020

The June journal article.

GWRRA Minnesota Chapter O Journal (April 2020)
Posted: 4/1/2020

The April Journal article. Just some things to think about as you're driving around.

GWRRA Minnesota Chapter O Journal (February 2020)
Posted: 2/27/2020

some notes about the discussions in our February monthly social.

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Somehow, the right engine cover panel “fell off” the bike on a ride my wife and I took to Stillwater.  After asking fellow Minnows for decent places to get a replacement, I ended up using this site:
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