GWRRA Minnesota Chapter O

Gold Wing Road Riders Association, America's Heartland (Region E)



Chapter MN-O started on January 28, 1993, with approximately 20 members who were all interested in making friends who share their interest in motorcycling, having fun, riding motorcycles and sharing travel experiences.  They kicked off the chapter at Weaver Lake Park, and had their socials at Barnacle Bills. We continue that tradition with our weekly rides and monthly socials, even though the location for the ride point and socials has changed a few times over the years.

Our Nickname

Many years ago at a region rally, people were talking about various chapter 'nicknames'.  During that conversation, someone pointed out that if you "say" MN-O, it comes out as "minnow".  So we have been known as the Minnows ever since!    Our mascot is Manny the Minnow and you will see lots of pictures of him along with helpful information here: MNO-Facebook-page