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To Garmin or not ... part 3-B
Bill Taylor | 6/15/2017

The 'test' tonight appears to have been a success - with one small gotcha.  I'm beginning to think that people that create routes don't always review them with a fine-tuned comb (or whatever).  It could very well be because they have a million other things to do and planning a route is already rather time consuming and is not the fun part (riding it is!).  For tonight's ride, one of the 'pins' was off the mark by a bit, and was actually on a road that we never hit.  So on the ride, my 'almost a garmin' started telling me that I had to turn around in 2 miles, in 1 mile, etc.  But once we made the actual turn, she was fine again.  It was not until I got home that I could see the problem.  To correct it for future rides, I added a 'draggable pin' in a slightly better location on the map, went to the editor, re-sorted the pins so my new pin was in the same sequential position as the 'bad' pin (the 5th waypoint after the Park N Ride) and then deleted the 'bad' pin.  It recalculated the route just as it was intended to be.  Of course, to be absolutely 100% sure, I would have to ride the route again - which I have no plans on doing any time soon. But it does look much better as I zoom in on that location.

Oh -- and yes, the only "directions" I heard on the ride tonight were actual turns - never mentioned a waypoint the entire evening.  So absolutely no confusion and no waypoint-notifications, 100 feet before a turn.

So once again, my $16 "Garmin" is doing everything the fancy Garmins do.  So far, I am quite happy with it.