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InRoute Update July 2018
Bill Taylor | 7/20/2018

Well, it’s time for another update for the ‘cheap’ navigation system.

I am still using the InRoute app that I have mentioned in previous blog postings.  It’s still probably not quite as good as the Garmin, but it sounds like it’s better than the system in the 2018 Wings.  My $15 app allows up to 25 way-points. 

I’ve been using it now for over a year and it’s really not all that bad.  When I get routes from other members, the first thing I do is adjust every point between the start and end changing them to ‘Via/Stop:Treat as a Via’.  This way, if the point on my map is a little bit different than the point on the ride leader’s Garmin, it won’t keep recalculating a route back to that point. 

The next thing I do is review the route on the phone and zoom in on each of the way-points to determine if it’s in an odd position that makes it do a U-turn or go to the right for 100 feet and then turn around and go the other way.  Things like that are resolved by adding a better way-point and then deleting the offending way-point.  I assume this is caused by a difference between the Garmin map and the InRoute map.  But even if I don’t have time to do this, InRoute will complain a couple times and then proceed to the next point since each point is a Via point (shaping point in Garmin terminology).

It is nice if I join a ride midstream.  After loading the route and hitting GO, it will ask me if I want to resume at point ‘x’.  I click Yes and I’m on the route along with everyone else.

I have also cut off the tip of my glove for the left index finger.  This way, if the recalculating warning gets too annoying, I can tell it to End or skip to the next point.  I don’t have motorcycle gloves that are ‘touch sensitive’ on a phone.

The last few days, I have been creating a route from a breakfast location to a lunch location and thought it would be good to describe the process I used.  Not sure this is the best – but it’s using all ‘free’ software.

I start with Google Maps.  This has an ‘avoid freeway’ option that I turn on.  Then I enter the start and end addresses (or business names) and let it calculate the route.  Then I can zoom in and out and decide which portion of the route I want to change.  I can drag the route to the new road and then click the route and get an address for that location and click ‘add location’.  Now I have a specific location that will force the navigation system to get to that particular place – and it’s fine if it’s the ‘fastest’ route there.  I added various specific locations hoping that the quickest path between addresses would be the route I really wanted no matter what device was calculating the actual route.  Once I had all the addresses, I then used   I have registered on this site so I can save the routes I create.  This also allows me to export a GPX file.  I save that file to my local disk and then drag it into iCloud (Apple) or My Drive (Google).  From there, I can import it into InRoute.  I have an iPhone but I can import from either cloud location.  I assume the same is true for Android phones.  Then, the procedure is the same no matter how I got the route (see above).  I still want to change everything to Via Points and give it one more review.

Tonight I discovered that the “avoid highway” feature in InRoute leaves a bit to be desired.  I am not sure what it considers a highway, but it’s not the same as Google (or me for that matter).  So the route did need a few more ‘shaping points’ to get it to where I wanted it.

So – it’s not necessarily the easiest method to create a route.  But it doesn’t take all that long either.  The most time consuming process is just deciding which roads I want to ride.

One MAJOR improvement they made to the app since I first installed it is the recalculating notice.  If the route we were on was different than the planned route (for any reason), it would say ‘recalculating’ and/or ‘return to route when possible’ about every 2 seconds.  Now – it tells me once or twice and gives up.  She’s much less bitchy.

And my navigation device is also my music, calendar, weather alert system, address book, phone and tons of other functions as well.  And I always seem to have it with me.  Also, the maps are updated continuously – I don’t need that “free map for life” feature that gets me an update once or twice a year.

So let me know if you have any questions or comments.  You can post them right here!